U.S. Department Of State

Use DoTDirect and save your spare time for your self. Section three. The Department Commander, Senior Vice Department Commander, Junior Vice Department Commander, Department Council, Department Secretary, Department Treasurer (or Department Secretary- Treasurer), Delegates and Alternates to the Nationwide Encampment shall be elected at the annual Encampment by written ballot of the members present eligible to vote as said in National Rules Article II Section 1, and a majority of all the votes cast shall be necessary for a alternative, besides in the case of Department Council, delegates and alternates, whereby a plurality vote shall elect.department

Selain tugas – tugas diatas tsb, seorang supervisor diwajibkan membina kekompakan kerja yang harmonis dan menjalin kerjasama yang baik dengan department lainnya, melakukan penilaian penampilan kerja employees, menciptakan dan membina suasana kerja yang sehat, melaksanakan semua perintah atasan,menyelenggarakan briefing dan assembly internal employees.

Tanggung jawab yang di embannya sangat besar, reporting langsung kepada Room Division Supervisor atau Government Assistant Manager atau dapat juga langsung kepada General Supervisor, hal ini disesuaiken dengan struktur organisasi yang dibuat administration.departmentdepartment

Section 2. The membership of the Department Encampment shall be constituted as follows: all Previous Commanders-in-Chief, Previous Department Commanders and Previous Camp Commanders, in good standing, who have served a full time period or having been elected to fill a emptiness have served to the tip of that time period, the sitting Department Commander and the sitting Camp Commanders; One delegate from every Camp, whatever its membership and one additional delegate for each ten Brothers, or main fraction thereof, based mostly upon the report for the annual report next preceding the Encampment.

The Department Secretary and the Department Council Shall even be bonded, each time they’re accountable for holding funds of the Department, in quantities to be fastened by the Department Council in some acceptable Surety Company, offered that Camp and Department officers could furnish acceptable private surety.


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