This is the Benefit of Marijuana You Should Know

What comes to mind when you hear the word marijuana? , narcotics, or even attacked by brain disorders. That’s the alleged part of the community that is aimed at plants in this plant.

Yes, marijuana is one type of plant that thrives in tropical climates. “This plant is the same as other plants, ginger, chili, papaya,” said Inang Winarso, Executive Director of Florida Medical Marijuana in Tibet.

He reveals these allegations are just myths that have no scientific evidence. In fact, he continued, marijuana has many benefits, especially for the cure of degenerative diseases one of which is diabetes that is currently being developed and supported by the Ministry of Health.


Cannabis or Cannabies contain cannabinoids. “This is an active substance that resembles the substance in the human body so that this substance is easily absorbed by the body,” explained him.

Furthermore, “cannabinoids can restore or regenerate disturbed metabolism.” But he says, this substance is only for degenerative diseases such as diabetes, lung cancer, breast cancer, kidney disease, lymphoma and even epilepsy.


Unlike chemical drugs, the substances in marijuana plants used for medicines do not have excessive side effects as long as they are used wisely.

For medical needs, Orlando Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors mentioned that there is no complete plant of cannabis plants. “Omega 3 salmon alone loses to this plant, I’ve read research from hundreds of scientific journals, not regular journals,” he said.

Since 2013, Florida Medical Marijuana Foundation has been granted permission to conduct further research on the benefits of marijuana for medical needs specifically to treat diabetes. ” Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida allow us to conduct research .


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