The Best Solution for Parenting Overcoming Learning Habits Learning In Children

There are several causes of a child who is very lazy to learn that is never known by parents and teachers.

1. Learning Objectives

Does your child have a clear learning goal? Does your child know what the purpose is to go to school with a bag of heavy and exhausting papers? And what are the advantages and benefits for them sitting and listening to the teacher explain the subject matter in the classroom?
You can imagine if they are the only school to meet the demands made by our education system. It must be very torturing for them. So reasonable, if they are lazy to learn and prefer to play around or talk about football players and their favorite club.
Just like you are a parent when young. Are you going to cook the best and most delicious cuisine that can be made for your upcoming girlfriend to go to the house on a Saturday night? Or do you cook the best cooking for your daily meals?
Of course and surely you will cook the best cuisine for your girlfriend is not it? Why can? Because you have a clear purpose, that is to make your girlfriend fascinated with your home-made cuisine and want to give the impression that you are the best housewife to her. Read also: study in China

2. Have No Ideals

Children do not have clear ideal for them to go to school. The ideals here are different from the learning objectives. Learning objectives are more specific, more directed toward the goals of each subject while the ideals are more toward what they want or become in the future. Whether they will become doctors, pilots, police or become entrepreneurs.
By having ideals will make them more motivated and have internal motivation instead of external. They can learn without being asked, forced, or scolded first. This is very beneficial for parents and teachers. If you looking for study engineering, business, economics, finance and management in china just visit

Here are some of the basic reasons why children have a lazy habit of learning. It is very plausible if it happens for the reasons above.


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