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Tips on Buying a Used Car While replacing the current car, the user could be torn between buying a new vehicle or a used one. While buying a used car, one will want to save quite a relatively huge amount of money. The value of a new car goes down after been used for one year. Within a span of one year, several cars will be bought and sold to new owners as people strive to change cars. A guide to assist in buying a used car is outlined below. Decide on what car you want to buy. There are several models available, research and note them down for comparison. Work with a budget, especially if selling out an old car to buy another one, you might need to top up the money. It is possible to buy a used car within your country of residence or import from a different country. There are several car dealers around the world. You can find used cars for sale online via car dealer’s websites or can purchase from friends or family members. Always establish the best dealers while looking out to purchase a used car online. Involve a trained mechanic once you will be going to view various cars for sale to assist you in pointing out some of the technical details of the car that you might not have the knowledge of. Mechanics have a broad knowledge of different cars and their assistance will come in handy during this activity. Start by doing a physical inspection on all parts such as body works and all doors. Secondly, check out for any visible repairs that have been done or any recent re-painting, check the front and back of the car, open the bonnet so as the mechanic can inspect the engine and open the boot. For better results and availability of ample time, inspect the car during the day to avoid missing out on information points. After inspecting the car exterior, move to interior and check out for things such as the car seat, the mats, inside lights and many more. Guarantee everything is in good shape.
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A critical point to note while purchasing an already used car is the mileage that specific car has covered before. The car has a way of showing the number of miles or kilometer it has covered. The more the mileage, the more the car has been in use. Enquire from the seller how frequent the car has been serviced. Many of the used cars have undergone previous repairs, remember to enquire of any past repairs, expected repairs before sale and the cost.
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After establishing the best car to buy, do a test drive with your mechanic. During the drive, be keen and note any sound coming from loose parts.


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