Kepuasan pelanggan menurut Richard Gerson adalah persepsi pelanggan bahwa harapannya telah terpenuhi atau terlampaui” 1Sedangkan, menurut Kotler dan Armstong mengungkapkan bahwa kepuasan pelanggan adalah tingkatan dimana kinerja anggapan produk sesuai dengan ekspektasi pembeli” 2. But he additionally lobbies professionally for the biggest testing company in Texas. On the spot access to dependable knowledge can help in creating personalized learning, assessment, and instruction, and provide the blueprint for complete school and institutional effectiveness.

The training discipline was going through new and vehement demand for more testing and accountability in schools. Pearson MyLab and Pearson Mastering is the world’s main assortment of online homework, tutorial, and evaluation products designed with a single purpose in thoughts: to improve the outcomes of all larger training students, one pupil at a time.

The International Scale of English (GSE) goals to increase the Common European Framework of Reference, permitting you to measure English progress more accurately.