New Cognitive-Enhancing Supplement for Students

BrainZyme is the UK’s first nutritional cognitive enhancer (NCE). Through a scientifically designed formula of matcha, guarana, choline, vitamins and minerals, it enhances cognition through nutrition.  In essence, it’s a ‘nutritional nootropic’.

BrainZyme­’s reception has been hugely positive since its launch, with reviewers calling it a ‘secret study weapon’ and stating that it gives students extra motivation to get their reading done.

Got your attention? Read on for more information…

What does it do?

BrainZyme supports focus, mental performance and reduction of tiredness.  This makes it ideal for people who want to be more productive at work, study for longer, or for getting through the ‘afternoon slump’.

It also helps to increase productivity, reduce distractions, and help you think more clearly about the task at hand. The product has been a smash hit with students, pro gamers, martial arts practitioners, and plenty of other people who need mental clarity and focus.  In addition to positive reviews, the claims BrainZyme makes are supported by research from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

An Introduction to BrainZyme

BrainZyme is a new sort of nootropic.  More accurately, it’s a brain food supplement, scientifically designed with support of cognition in mind.  BrainZyme achieves this through its 3 core ingredients: matcha, guarana and choline.  Alongside these ingredients, there is a range of vitamins and minerals in each product, as well as enhanced supporting formulas in BrainZyme Professional and Elite.  The supplement typically has an effect within one hour, with effects generally lasting for 4-6 hours.  Furthermore, the vitamins present help to support normal cognitive function over longer periods, meaning that BrainZyme can help both in the short and long term.

BrainZyme is able to reduce tiredness by supporting normal metabolism in the body.  Some of its ingredients are able to do this, and as a result the product is able to make more energy available from the calories that we consume.

The cognitive enhancer is the first of its kind in Britain, providing the benefits of a smart pill in a more natural way.  It is also manufactured in the UK.

Nourish your Brain

As BrainZyme relies upon foodstuffs, vitamins and minerals, it both provides cognitive enhancement while also supporting brain health and wellness through supplementation.

The foodstuffs present in BrainZyme help customers in many ways.  In addition to the stated benefits of clearer thinking and nutritional energy, customers often find  they procrastinate less and are less distracted after taking BrainZyme.  Moreover, BrainZyme has been reported as helping multitasking ability and creativity.

What exactly is inside BrainZyme Original?

Matcha Green Tea Powder – Matcha is a rare form of green tea.  The tea leaves are specially selected, before being turned into superfine powder by a thorough grinding process.  This helps it provide increased focus and general health benefits.

Guarana Fruit Seeds –  The seeds of the guarana plant, native to the Amazon Basin, have naturally-occurring caffeine.  This caffeine is released steadily, meaning that guarana seeds are associated with long-term alertness throughout the day.  

Choline – Choline has numerous benefits for brain health.  Choline consumption promotes higher levels of acetylcholine, which is important for many aspects of cognition and brain function.

Vitamin B5 – Vitamin B5, also known as Pantothenic Acid, is an extremely important nutrient for brain function.  B5 additionally helps in the creation of acetylcholine, and the metabolization of food to provide energy.

Vitamin B6 – B6 helps to keep your metabolism is running correctly.  As a result, it helps to reduce tiredness.  Furthermore, B6 contributes to the synthesis of several neurotransmitters, thus helping to maintain normal cognitive function.  You may come across B6 under the name Pyroxidine.

Vitamin B12 – This essential nutrient, sometimes called Cobalamin, helps support the normal function of the brain and nervous system.  Additionally, Cobalamin helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Vitamin B1 – Also known as Thiamine.  B1 helps to maintain normal metabolism.  Furthermore, it is important to the normal function of the nervous system, meaning Thiamine is very important for cognitive function.

Iron –  Normal iron levels are associated with regular cognitive function and energy levels.

Zinc – There are various positive cognitive effects associated with optimal levels of zinc.  It’s heavily used by the brain.

Iodine – Iodine helps to regulate the thyroid, and is linked with the development of the brain and cognition.

Different Types of BrainZyme

  • BrainZyme Original is an entry-level nutritional cognitive enhancer. Its price is low enough to allow for more widespread support of cognition and brain nutrition. Best used as a general purpose
  • BrainZyme Professional is a more potent product, which contains ingredients which promote calmness. This makes the product very useful for those who are under pressure to get results.  Thus, this brain supplement is most effective when in high pressure situations.
  • BrainZyme Elite provisions for people who need cognitive support consistently over a significant period of time. This includes those with long-form essays or projects that may take weeks or months to complete. As a result, Elite would be best used for longer term

All three products contain matcha, guarana and choline, along with vitamins and minerals.  In addition to this blend, the three different types of BrainZyme all have different formulas and complementary ingredients.  This lets them provide tailored benefits to cognition and mental performance.

As mentioned above, BrainZyme Original contains 7 vitamins/minerals in addition to its matcha-guarana-choline formula.

BrainZyme Professional has 11 vitamins/minerals.  It also includes L-Tyrosine, Maca Root and added Gingko Biloba as supplemental ingredients that promote calm and clear thinking under stress.

BrainZyme Elite includes 18 vitamins/minerals in total.  Elite, like Professional, contains Gingko Biloba and Maca.  Alongside this, it also provides a specially designed neuro-support formula.  This formula includes Panax Ginseng and N-Acetyl-Carnitine to provide energy and long-term support for cognition.

Ethically Made

BrainZyme is vegan and vegetarian, meaning that no animal by-products are found in any formulation of BrainZyme. In addition, BrainZyme is not tested on animals, and is manufactured in Britain.

BrainZyme is environmentally-friendly too: The re-sealable pouches that contain the product use around ¼ of the plastic that a traditional pill bottle would consume, to minimise the impact on the environment.

Professionally Certified

All BrainZyme products have had their ingredients audited by a nutritionist.  Following the audit, they stated that BrainZyme is “safe and appropriate” for a “supplement aimed at supporting brain function”.  The nutritionist also confirmed that BrainZyme could “support clearer thinking” and “helps to release energy from the foods we eat.”

Thoroughly Regulated

BrainZyme, in contrast with many ‘smart pills’, is fully compliant with British food, trading and health regulations.  BrainZyme, and Better Nutritional Science Ltd, are compliant with:

  • Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)
  • The Department of Health (UK)
  • Trading Standards (Scotland)
  • European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
  • The Food Standards Agency (UK)
  • The City of Edinburgh Environmental Health (Scotland)

But will it really work?

While effects vary, for the vast majority of customers BrainZyme does work.  Effects are normally felt within an hour.  This quick action lets you experience the benefits of enhanced cognition and reduced tiredness whenever you need it. Most people who try BrainZyme feel that the effects last for 4-6 hours, with good focus, productivity and energy during this time.

In conclusion, would it be a good idea for me to try BrainZyme?

If you are looking a ‘genius pill’ that will turn you into Einstein, then BrainZyme is not for you.  Only hard work and dedication can truly make you smarter, though BrainZyme might help you achieve your goals.

But, if you want a convenient way to improve your studies and work, a way to boost your energy, or a way to help your focus in general, BrainZyme may be for you.  It’s safe, legal and has very few side-effects compared with other products used to support productivity, such as energy drinks.  With increased demand for smart pills, the advent of this safe, legal option is of great note to anyone who feels they need cognitive enhancement, but is put off by the potential drawbacks of other ‘smart drugs’.

BrainZyme is the UK’s first nutritional cognitive enhancer.  It contains matcha, guarana, choline and other nutrients that are vital for support of normal cognitive function.  It’s a ‘brain supplement cognitive enhancer’, also known as a ‘nutritional nootropic’.  It helps you concentrate, think more clearly and get more done!

BrainZyme Original retails at £9.95 for 30 tablets.




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