There are several causes of a child who is very lazy to learn that is never known by parents and teachers.

1. Learning Objectives

Does your child have a clear learning goal? Does your child know what the purpose is to go to school with a bag of heavy and exhausting papers? And what are the advantages and benefits for them sitting and listening to the teacher explain the subject matter in the classroom?
You can imagine if they are the only school to meet the demands made by our education system. It must be very torturing for them. So reasonable, if they are lazy to learn and prefer to play around or talk about football players and their favorite club.
Just like you are a parent when young. Are you going to cook the best and most delicious cuisine that can be made for your upcoming girlfriend to go

Do you like pottery? If you have ever been curious about the pottery process than you should probably take a class. Did you know that pottery is one of the oldest forms of art out there? Pottery has been around since the dawning of time. Even before the Egyptians there have been forms of pottery. According to an article, if you are looking for some additional reasons for taking a pottery class than you are in luck because there are plenty. Some of the reasons for taking a pottery class include: make new friends, you get to play with mud, see what you can accomplish with your own two hands, have something to do with mom, get away from the kids, have a reason to eat out, alleviates stress, and maybe even get a good-looking instructor. However, taking a pottery class can be hard when you get to the