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Better Deals for the Perfect Family Settlement

No matter how much we want to live with your loved one all your life, celebrate the golden wedding and die in one day, unfortunately, the ship of love and family can at any moment give a leak. And then you face the problem of divorce, as well as solutions to the family property and non-property issues, which are an integral part of the courts, stresses, tears, meetings with the person whom you do not want to see at all. In such a situation, the help of a family lawyer, whose main task is to get rid of the above problems, will have to be helped by the way.

Consultation of a lawyer in family matters will help you get exhaustive answers to questions and understand the current state of affairs. And hiring a family lawyer and giving him a power of attorney, you will spare yourself the need to walk around the courts, which means spending your own time and nerves. Legal Advice in Voronezh “East” is experienced specialists, you can enlist the support of which even in the most seemingly desperate situations. The family law office can take care of this matter.

Specialization of our lawyers on family matters includes:

  • Alimony
  • DivorceDeprivation of parental rights

What are the services of an experienced family lawyer?

  • Consultation of an experienced family lawyer
  • Compilation, as well as a thorough analysis of the documentation, including – marriage contracts
  • Organization of negotiations with the opponent and other persons
  • Assistance in a recovery of alimony
  • Assistance in concluding an amicable agreement
  • Drawing up a statement of claim and other documents (complaints, complaints, claims, motions) and, if necessary, their submission to the courts
  • Representation by a family lawyer of your interests to the court

Applying for help to one of our family lawyers, you can count on both a favorable outcome of the case and on qualified support throughout the enforcement process. At the same time, the cost of our services is accessible to every client.

In essence, any transaction or economic transaction in which you doubt or conduct for the first time requires legal support. The legal advice gives an answer to the fundamental question: the compliance of the contract and transaction with the legislation. Signing a loan agreement, a large supply of goods, the conclusion of an agency agreement, securities transactions, the acquisition of real estate, a specific financial transaction – these legal actions are inconceivable without the competent advice of an attorney . Do not forget that legal advice is often in demand in the process of dealing with government bodies, for example, the Consumer Protection Inspectorate or the Tax Service.

Legal issues are not solved by themselves entrust this problem to professionals. The experience of our specialists allows us to provide assistance in various fields of civil and commercial law. Firm “Contact” renders legal consultations to subjects of entrepreneurial activity, regardless of the forms of ownership, as well as to individuals.


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