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Lawn Preparation – to Seed or Sod

Planning for a new lawn can either be seeding it or sod but regardless of your choice, you still have to start from the very beginning. Your ultimate goal is to have a healthy lawn and to do that, you must be able to remove the weeds, bad grasses and also the diseases that might have inflicted your grasses. If you don’t do this elimination stage, the tendency is that after you gave sod or seed, those unwanted weeds will creep back and worse, diseases will attack your lawn.

What you should do first is to remove the old grass by using a sod cutter. You might have it in your home or you can rent one in a home improvement store. Ensure that the sod has been removed completely so that you can proceed with the tilling of the dirt that should result to a smooth ground. If you happen to encounter rocks that are large in size, remove it. The pH of the dirt you gathered must also be checked for you to have it treated. Treating your dirt means that you need to have a good fertilizer. The fertilizer has a great impact in terms of how your sod or seed starts.

3 Experts Tips from Someone With Experience

Once the dirt is ready to plant, you will have to choose between seeding and laying sod. Time is important during this process so make sure you know the best time. You can inquire for the best time to start your lawn. Accordingly, starting a lawn during late spring or early fall is the best time. You need to consider that a hotter environment is not good to the grass since it will dry up easily. Also, if it is too cold, your grass might die.
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After you have lay sod or seed the lawn, it is important to have it regularly watered to maintain the lawn. Watering must be enough and it should not be too much or less. If in case there is no rain forecast, it is a must to sprinkle the grass or your seeds lightly between 2 or 3 times to ensure that moist is preserved on the ground. If it rains heavy for a couple of days, it is not advisable to sprinkle your grass. If you do so, the seed might get washed.

The fertilizer volume and watering of your lawn will actually depend on the type of seed or sod you want to use. Following instructions is very important if you want to have a beautiful lawn because seeding or laying sod has different ways to maintain. If you can’t handle the problem, always seek for professional help.


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