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The Proper Design of a Website. The profitability of a business can be attributed to many items. One of the factors is the company’s website design. The design of the website will have an impact not only for customers but also other business partners such as suppliers. The business website layout should be planned to give the business. It has a great visibility and distinctive identity on the internet. The internet browsers should be to find the company website easily. The layout should facilitate customers to get business information with ease. The website layout should also be highly interactive. On top of providing business contacts and having a section for customers to leave their comments, suggestions or complaints. Nowadays website layouts are integrating chatting online with customers, The customers can interact in real time with a representative of the company. The issues raised by business clients are addressed timely. In the past business most used words to inform potential customers about their products and services. The use of visual media for example videos is growing in popularity for many businesses websites.
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The website design should be flexible. To enable integration with other business software’. For instance stock control computer system. Customers can get information on the levels of stock of the business products from the internet. The company is able to mitigate the risk of stock out by getting deliveries from suppliers on time.
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The website plan should include search engine optimization tools. This are tools to improve the website search on different search engines. The tools improves the visibility of the business website on the internet. Another feature to consider when planning the website layout it is the speed. It is really frustrating for customers when the website take very long to load. Also another challenge is semi-display of features on the websites when the internet is slow. The website layout plan should facilitate full display in the event of poor internet connection. The website layout plan should facilitate encoding of customers information for access to only authorized parties. Deliveries of online orders is based on the private payment details provide by the customer on the company’s website. It is the responsibility of the business to protect such data. The website design should also be tailored to meet different customers’ needs. In the background the website should analyze data provider by customers. Conversion of potential customers to orders and retention of existing customers is dependent upon understanding and analyzing data. Technology has played a vital role in creating an environment for e-commerce companies. A requirement of becoming a player in the e-commerce industry is creating an interactive website. The means being adopted by many businesses nowadays to beat competition is by having the most interactive website.


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